Another Hustler


A boom for the “HOBO NEWS.”

Now, say, you fellows, get busy. What is the matter with getting out the best paper in the country, if you fellows have not got nerve enough to sell it? It will sell anywhere for a Jitney, and people will cry for the next copy.

Note this from Boston, Massachusetts, the “Hub of the Universe.”

To the Editor:

Dear Comrade:-I just received the two hundred copies of the “HOBO NEWS.’ I guess the “News” was here about two days, but the fellow at the window said it just came in. Well, however, I got them, and the first one hundred went the first day I got them, also the other hundred went the first day I got them. I wish it was 2,000 instead of 200 I got today, being that it is making a hit here.

I think I should get so many every month for my work, so let me know at once, Say, Comrade, if you can send me 500 “HOBONEWS” at once, do so, that I can keep the work I expect to take 1500 or 2,000 of the next month’s “News.”


Yours for the better times,

LEO LIPPA, Boston, Mass.