Woe to you politicians and rich men that say, “We must build up our navy.” You hypocrites!

You profess to follow the Master Jesus, and He taught you to resist not evil.

To love your enemies.

To turn the other cheek.

And that he takes the sword shall perish by the sword.

Build up your nation in righteousness towards all men, and you will need no navy. You foolish statesmen who engrave on your coins “In God We Trust” and into men’s minds “We Trust in Navies and Murder.”

Know you not that the light of a righteous nation is stronger than a thousand fleets? Have you known the righteous to perish but that their spirit was resurrected a hundred-fold?

You blind leaders of the blind! The sword never has but one edge; the point that kills will yet be the hilt.

The world is now being cleansed. The Eternal Father has damned the iniquities of the earth.

There shall be WAR NO MORE. We shall have Peace at any price. There must be disarmament or war. You cannot prepare for murder and avoid it.