August 6, 1915

AUGUST 6, 1915.

By S. Schmoll.

Do not sin against the child and ye would not hear. Therefore, also his blood is required. – Gen. 42-22.

Mankind, for ages, has been sinning against the child, in that it has placed an impediment in the child’s life career, by indoctrinating in its feeble mind, a passion for the possession of gold, or some other ‘Shiner.’

If by training it, the child, by training it into use as an exchange medium of exchange at the inception of the present so-called civilization, Society has retained in the estimation gold as the basis of all values underlying all other values.

Deeply, as individuals foresee the consequences in inculcating the love for gold in our children, did we know its bearing in their life activity Was a time, we ourselves began to use our money auspicious to our welfare?

If we, as individuals, not begin the use of money because of the longing to possess an object held by another?

Did we know, that in the persistent use of money, gold or any other medium, we implanted in the child mind, the love for the same, and that they would soon become the servants, those children of the gold possessors?

Do we know that when we first began the use of money, that the life-string at the present period essential to life itself is held by the money sharks?

Do we know that the child, by its longing for money, becomes fearful and submissive to the money aristocracy?

In the first stages, the child in the first stages of life, concerning only itself, ignorant of established customs, becomes consequently subservient to past conditions, which will cause its own destruction.

The oldest known coin of former ages was used as a measure of WEIGHT AS WELL AS VALUE. And the weight measure was abolished while the value was retained. By making use of money, we aped a custom prevailing in remote ages, by causing a system of discordance in the present day mode of production and exchange.

Work and only work apply to raw material, produces any object necessary for consumption and exchange.

The object so produced becomes valuable because of the time spent in its production.

In the production of any commodity, it is in that the number of hours should be embodied as its value.

By selling our labor to another for money, we lose the identity of time.

The sole incentive of the one hiring another is in the absorption of time. The result is called profit.

If the profit made consists of goods, the possessor looks for markets to dispose of the same, in preference, a foreign market.

It is more profitable to trades-people of any country to sell production in a foreign market because of the transmutation from paper to the gold basis.

A commercial rivalry between exporters of goods is existent at all times, because goods so exported are figured on a gold basis. The only metal of importance in the world market is gold. Thus, we see that time or labor-power is transposed by a metamorphisim, transposed from one country to another.

The monetary system of slight import a the time of hand production, has become at this machine age, a determining factor in the destiny of mankind.

The teaching is the sequence of a false do ma. The antiquated use of geld in commercial intercourse makes the war eternal of capitalism.

Therefore behold, also the blood of thy child is required.