Chink Thoughts


The Problem solved.

by Caveat.

General Leonard Wood has evolved a simple practical solution of the unemployed problem. He says that by establishing training camps near large cities, where the unemployed congregate, and giving them three month military training, paying the six dol. lars a month and board, the problem will not only be solved, but an immense reserve army can be created and he naively adds that only men who really want work would be given the benefit of this military training.

This is a fine proposition. There is not enough killing going on in Europe to suit the General, so he suggests that the men who have been deprived of the opportunity to work by the plutocrats (because the “plutes” cannot make a profit from their work), be allowed to learn how to kill their fellows. For the Love of Heaven, why single out the unemployed for cannon fodder? Why not continue to train the “plutes” as they did recently at Plattsburgh, N.Y., and let them fight it out among themselves? The unemployed want WORK – NOT WAR.