Chink thoughts


By “Caveat.”


Under the above heading, Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, September 2, 1915, says editorially:

“Privilege – When it was proposed to write into the Constitution of the State of New York an amendment prohibiting the granting of privilege to any class or individual not granted to all members of the State, this just and equitable proposition was rejected as ‘reactionary’ – a popular word with demagogues and faddists.”

Well, what DID the editor of Leslie’s think the State Legislature would do? It had to obey its masters or lose its job. Of course such legislation is “re-actionary.” Any legislation which has ever a tendency to equalize the conditions of capital and labor is “re-actionary,” and always has and always will be resisted by the “system”. The wonder of it is that the editor of Leslie’s is so blind as not to see this.


Director Tolkacz, of this city, has just discovered that conditions in many of the eleemosynary institutions here are run in a barbarous manner. Anyone connected with the Hobo News’ could have told him that the day he was appointed and it is strange that he has been so long finding it out.

This is true of every city in the United States and it is high time that right thinking men and women get together and demand better conditions for the unfortunates who are compelled to accept the help of municipal institutions.


The great trouble with the workers today is the lack of solidarity. They are split up into innumerable unions, factions and parties, the one fighting the other more bitterly than they fight the common enemy capitalism. This is just what the “system” wants, and endeavors to bring about in every way possible. In keeping the workers divided the ‘system’ has had, un to now, an easy time, as the workers them. selves have been arguing and fighting about things upon which they do not agree and have made no effort to get together on propositions upon which they do agree.

The old line trades unions, which have done noble work in the past for the working class, see no good in the methods of the Industrial Workers of the World because they do not harmonize with those used by the old line unions, and the Industrial Workers of the World say that the old line trades unions are playing into the hands of capitalism and retarding the progress of the working class. And so it goes. All along the line. Even the old line trades unions do not agree among them. selves. How many times has it happened that when one union was on a strike another union Would “scab” on them

Until all the unions get together on a common basis the working class will derive no lasting benefit from unionism and the sooner they learn this the better it will be for them. Not only this but the migratory and casual workers MUST be recognized as a part of the whole or the whole fabric of unionism will fall to the ground. Get together, and get together quick.



A news item under a Belleville date line says that a hobo consumed six pounds of pork-chops which he had managed to get his hands on when the owner was not looking, and the owner of the pork chops was so surprised that he let the “bo” go scott free.

It is not strange that a “hobo” could eat that much meat, probably the poor fellow had not eaten anything for two or three days and had been hiking for work like all possessed.

And what’s a man going to do if he cannot get work? Starve? Why should he? There is plenty and to spare in this world for all and each and every one is entitled to his share. If he is not given the opportunity to get his share in a way that ‘sasiety’ calls honest he must and will get it some other way.

The ‘system’ does not scruple to appropriate other people’s property when it wants it and why should not the individual do the same Why? Simply because the ‘system’ gets laws enacted making stealing by its methods legitimate, and criminal by any other method.