Employment Agencies

Employment Agencies.

One well-known State official declared that the Employment Agencies in Minnesota were relies of barbarism and that the city had no more right to license them than it would have to license thieves,

Good for this official. It is the most accursed part of this wonderful system of ours that a down and out man should have to pay for the privilege of going to work. To say nothing of his chance of being swindled and getting no job at all, after he has put up his last cent.

This story comes from Minneapolis and it is true. Two girls had worked for a dyehouse for eight years. They were given notice of discharge but remained unconvinced by this notice, poor things, so reported for work the next morning and when refused a job laid down on the floor and screamed. It took two policemen to carry them out.

Judge Bardwell fined Rose $10.00. Minnie pleaded guilty and was also fined.

These girls are fighting for the right to exist. The employers and courts are fighting to fill the brothels.

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