Good News From Local New York


Local No. 3 is progressing nicely, holding meetings every Sunday at 66 East Fourth Street, at the Manhattan Lyceum, at 3 p.m. We are holding successful street meetings, weather permitting, at which the News is sold. The News is selling well and the people like it. The crowds are very attentive and seen to be anxious for the dope concerning the unemployed and the hoboes.


The Hon. William Howard Taft came to town the other day and addressed the business men. He warned them in solemn tones and ponderous phrases of the great danger of the initiative by five per cent petition, Danger, indeed. This means that five men of action may not get together and persuade ninety-five of their fellows that certain things would be an improvement and good for all of us.

Taft is the eminent statesman, who was asked this question, which will go down in history as one of the features of the great struggle. The question was this: ‘What can a man do, who is out of work, through no fault of his own, who is starving and with a hungry family to support.’ Here is the historic answer: “God knows. He has my heartfelt sympathy…”

Yes, there is danger in this movement. Danger for some politicians’ salaries and perquisites.