Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?


Poor Kelly’s Troubles.

(From Minneapolis.)

I have been in town one week and it is still raining. Only one day that was to the good and that was Sunday. McNally and I held a meeting and sold all the Hobo News we had. I am going to quit beating around the country on freight trains and trying to carry a bundle of literature at the same time, I was on my way from Cleveland to Chi. and I lost a hundred and fifty buttons. I was riding in a box car half full of coal, and asleep when we came to Chi, when somebody yelled ‘All Out, Change Cars.’ I beat it and forgot the buttons, I lost over seventy Hobo Newses between Sioux and Minnie. I hid a bundle, then went up town to get breakfast. When I got back a train was pulling out so I left them and made the train. Believe me, I won’t try to carry any more bundles. Too much bother.

Cheer up, Kelly. The worst is yet to come.