Hoboe’s Association Opens Headquarters


Free Lodging for Three Days to Any Unemployed Worker Who May Apply.

The International Brotherhood Welfare Association of Migratory and Unemployed Workers have opened headquarters in the 2½  story house at 339 North 9th Street, in Philadelphia. The dozen men gathered there said they were better known as the “Hoboes’ Association’s.” William J. Quirke is in charge of the place.

“We are able to accommodate 150 men in this place,” Quirke said. “Our plan is quite simple. We will give free lodging for three days to any hobo who comes along. After that he must become a member of our order and agree to contribute 10 cents a month to the cause when he gets a job. We will be able to pay the rent by all working together this winter gathering up old clothes, waste paper and in selling the monthly magazine called the Hobo News. In the back room here you see a rough table and a stove. We will all eat together, the best we can. If people only will give us their old clothes we will be able to fit up many a down-and-out member in fair shape and make him presentable to take a job when it comes along.”

Quirke criticized the churches and missions which have established employment bureaus.

The dozen men gathered in the place yesterday predicted a hard winter. They said already a large army of unemployed were on their way East from California and the Pacific coast. They said many rushed out there, think ing the San Francisco Exposition would make things easy, but had found out their mistake The burden of earing for the unemployed would fall upon the Eastern cities this winter, these men said, -Philadelphia Enquirer.