Hoboes Mark Day with a Mulligan


At Dyckman Hill Jungle Meal 150 Plan New comforts for the Jobless.

One hundred and fifty hoboes followed a savory scent up the Dyckman Street hill to the abandoned Fort George Casino and discovered the biggest Mulligan ever stewed in Manhattan.

It was steaming in a new tin boiler, and this is the recipe, given by James P. Murphy, who has been Mulligan chef in almost every State and officiated for the Grand Unemployed Rally and Entertainment under the auspices of the International Brotherhood Welfare Association:

“Thirty-six pounds of veal, beef and mutton, four heads of cabbage, thirty-five pounds of spuds, twenty cents worth of tomatoes, twenty cents’ worth of carrots, a dollar’s worth of

onions, parsnips and turnips, and a husky bum to stir it up.”

Besides the Mulligan stew were iced tea and coffee, and three hams. During the “jungle” meal speeches by J. Eads How, “millionaire hobo,” and president of the association; Alexander Law, vice-president; Elmer Coors and others advocated municipally owned dwellings, equipped with courts and roof gardens, to replace the unsanitary tenements in New York; the establishment of Hotels de Jobless, and new methods of making the unemployed self-supporting during the winter. -New York World.