Hustling at the Hub




In this time of transition-of war across the water and labor travail here-men’s hearts are tender. Something like a new vision comes to them. They get, here and there, a glimpse of the hideousness of this Commercialism into which the world is plunged. And they see its fruitage in Destitution, Unemployment and war.

Since it is a time that is psychological and makes folls think, therefore it is an especially good time for our Brotherhood teaching and propaganda against Commercialism, Unemployment and War, and in favor of Co-operation, Brotherhood and Peace.

To take advantage of the times, we have called the important meetings at Boston, on the 3d, 4th and 5th of July. We long to get down to Brotherhood principles and to help the Industrial World jump the chasm and make the Passover from the present loose and chaotic way of doing the world’s work to a saner and better way of working together, and distributing the world’s wealth.

Therefore, on this account, we are hitting the trail to Boston.

How we wish all the Comrades and Brothers and friends could join us and lend a hand.  Comrade Cora D. Harvey is also headed hitherward, as well as Secretary Harry H. Johannes of Baltimore, Brother Alexander Law of New York City, National Trustee Will. J. Quirke of Philadelphia and many other disguished personages. We trust these Boston meetings will become historical.

Editor’s Note: A full account of these meetings will be printed in the August number, they will be reported for us especially by will J. Quirke, and will be full of thrilling interest. The Association is holding meetings every day in the year and spreading the light of Brotherhood. We will try from now to give some reports on them for the benefit of

Baltimore Busy.

Local Baltimore, through the temporary secretary, Michael Johnson, reports that at their last meeting they passed resolutions to be for: warded to President Wilson to the effect that we protest against the conditions whereby there are thousands of poor and homeless people suffering for food; also protesting against the American Government taking steps to prevent a revolution in Mexico. They elected Harry H. Johannes to be a delegate to the Boston Conference. Brother Johannes is the secretary of the new Local and we look for great things from our new baby Local when the times of stress come.

All Aboard.

Local Baltimore also reports that they are going to have an excursion from Baltimore to Tolchester Beach on Wednesday, August 25th. Tickets 25 cents for around trip. Tolehester is a beautiful summer resort on Chesapeake Bay and all you boys who happen to be in the East, and can find the price are invited to go and have a good old Brotherhood time.