Kansas City, Mo.


Police in Kansas City.

It was on a bright Saturday night the boys of Local 4 lined up all right to hold a street meeting on the corner of Sixth and Walnut Streets. But the Hoboes’ best fried did object to the meeting and got a cop to load them. Bro, Karl Bailey was taken to the station in the Hoboes’ hurry buggy and they would not board him so he was let go. They asked him what he did for a living and he told the captain in charge that he did as he pleased.

The man who objected was a saloon robber where the Hoboes spend their money to buy him diamonds, porterhouse steaks, etc.

Another night I was holding a meeting at the Market Square and in between two preach ers. They had the big bass drum begging whers the quartette of Local 4 were singing the Tramp Song. The big bull took me off the chair and told us to go around the corner. We asked him if he would move the Salvation Army around the corner. He said he had no orders to that effect from the captain in charge. We found out later that he had no orders to move us. So now we are selling the Hobo News all over Kansas City and are not bothered by the bulls.

The Shipping Sharks are on the job once more, Like the coal man with similes all over their faces this cold frosty morning, the first of the month. Shipments will go up $200 and wages will corne down to $1.35. They have to have steam heat the first of October. By that the slaves have got to pay for it all. Their bills fall due then and will be heavier the next few months. Still the working class cannot see their conditions and support the sharks before they would organize to better themselves.