Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir and Comrade:                                   Cincinnati, Ohio.

As I notice the new publication, “The Hobo News,” I desire to ask that you quote me advertising rates for the international Information Bureau, in its search for missing people, thus uniting the missing with their relatives and often bringing them good fortune, and reuniting broken home ties for as discouraged men who have, by iII-fortune, drifted away from the family hearthstone.

I will, as a newspaper man of thirty years’ experience, be glad to aid the “Hobo News” in any way, because I feel that it is one of the most valuable publications ever devised to aid the proletariat of this great nation. I want to see it a success in every way. Call on me any time. May your good work go on.

GEORGE L. HUSSEY, 31 East. Third St., Cincinnati.