Letters from the Editor


From Another Mother – The Real Thing.

To the international Brotherhood welfare association: I received your letter to day and was very glad to hear from you as had given up hope of hearing from you again. I have not heard from my son Edward Moira that would hear something about him some day to give mean easy mind it is two years last November  since I heard from him last he was working then in Keokuk iowa he was working at a power house their then two years ago he left for his home then and nothing has been heard since of him I feel that something happened to him on some of the railroads if you would be so kind and try and find out if anything happened to him on any of the railroads you would do me a great facor that I would not forget I payed insurac on him for 8 years and if never hear from him I will loose it all and I am a poor widow without much means of support this is ahard blow to me that I have hard time to try and keep up my dear Boy was allways and was a good worker and this is the firs time he went awy so far I don’t think he wold have went away only he had NO WORK AT THE TIME. He will be gone 6 years this June coming and I have not seen him since I would give the wourld to see him again I think this is all for this time hopeing to hear from you soon an hope that you will find something out I Remain yours truly


Editor’s note. We print this letter in the absolute verbatim style in which it came to us. Not because it is any joke, but because it is a sample of the tragedies that come in hobo life. Edward McFadden was here some four years ago, but went away for work and has not been seen around here since. His loving mother wants him and if this meets his eye he is requested to go home. Further, if any of our boys meet him, will they please advise the editor, 1111 Clark avenue.