Liberty and the Pursuit of a Living Wage


Here is the latest news from the Galveston flood. Read it carefully:

The city of Galveston is hiring all the men It can to clean up the city. This is no place for a man who does not want to work.

And no high wages are being paid. The officiate told those employers appealing to thern for aid today that they should offer workmen only what they had been paying in wages before the atorm,

if the men refuse to work, soldiers are summoned the situation is explained and the workmen are put to, work under the eyes of the military police without pay.

Everybody is encouraged to make hay while the sun shines except the Unemployed, Casual or Migratory Worker, the ‘hobo.’ This is a little better than shooting down women and children, but a poor job for the soldiers at that. You will learn why the masters keep a standing army someday. That is, of course, if you wake up.

Let us make a guess for you and see what you think about it. The masters keep a standing army to keep your wages down, and you pay for it.