Memorial Day


May 30th and 31st.

This is the Land of the Dollar.

All the Nations accuse us of it.

It is true.

And yet in the hearts of the people there is an abiding sentiment.

There are days when LOVE stands supreme.

Memorial Day is the most beautiful and wonderful.

The day when our hearts go out to the loved ones gone before.

Our brothers and sisters lie asleep in their narrow beds in all the Potters’ Fields throughout the Country. Millions of them.

Let us strew a few flowers on their lonely graves on this day.

This for remembrance and Love.

And to strengthen our own souls for the fight for the better time, when none shall die and be neglected and forgotten.

It is but a little thing, but shall be written in the BOOK OF LIFE.

Law is what public opinion makes it. Even the Supreme Court of the United States cannot alter this fact, Let it make a decision contrary to prevailing opinion, and see how the people will set it aside.

This paper is now enlarged to 16 pages. Some paper, eh? You can get more food for reflection, if you are one of the thoughtful workers, than you can out of the blanket magazines, all cluttered up with a lot of advertising. This is all meat and the real thing. Written by hoboes from cover to cover. And all for a nickel. Save your copies and send for No. 1 if you have not got it. At the end of the year you will be sorry if you have not a complete set.

Bill Sunday says that the Christians who abolished Hell, have made a great mistake and they will find it out sooner or later.

The hobo agrees with Bill and thinks it more likely to be sooner than later, if his experience on this mundane sphere counts for anything.

Kansas City always writes us in green ink, and Secretary Fenton always has something to say that is worth while.