News from the East


This is the Call to the Boston Rallies, July 4th & 5h, 1915

The International Brotherhood Welfare Association and National Committee for the Unemployed – Boston, Mass., June 1, 1915.

To the American People:


Everyone is aroused over the fearful war across the water, into which America may be drawn at any time.

Realizing that you believe in a better way of adjusting difficulties and creating employment than by going to war, we herewith call upon you to place yourselves on record.

We invite you to attend and take part in our meetings in Boston, Mass. On July 4 and 5 next.

Come and write a new Declaration of Independence and protest against war and unemployment; and formulate plans looking to a more co-operative and intelligent way of working together and distributing the world’s wealth.

Yours for Peace and Brotherhood,

J. EADS HOW, M.D., For the Committee.

We congratulate our readers in advance on the Great Boston Rallies of which we give notice above. Due notice will be given in the public press of Boston and vicinity of the time and place.

This number of our paper is the third copy. It has been written especially around your great subject of “NOT WAR BUT WORK.”

It will be sold up to July 10th, especially for this occasion. It should sell like wild-fire and you should be able to get us many subscribers. Comrades of the East, we are getting out the best paper in the movement and you should sell thousands.

We do not want to throw bouquets at ourselves, but these are a few of the compliments we have received:

“The ‘News’ is a CRACKER JACK.”

“The ‘Hobo News; is all to the GOOD.”

“The ‘Hobo News’ is a SPLENDID paper.”

“The ‘News’ is the BEST workingmen’s paper that has ever been published.”

“The ‘Hobo News’ is far better than any of the New Thought papers.”

“The ‘Hobo News’ is a seller and a WINNER. It sells like Hot-dogs”

“The ‘News’ is going like hot cakes.”

Now, this is some start for a paper which so far has only issued two numbers. We are getting the same reports from everywhere. The people like it and they will read it. And remember, Boys, the Hobo News is the only paper published for the purpose of breaking up the Bread Lines, and if you will do your work as you should, we will break them up, just as sure as the sun shines. This is the most disgraceful part of so-called American civilization, and we are going after it GOOD and Hot. – (The Editor.)

St. Louis, Mo., May 22, 1915.

Comrades of the I.B.W.A.:

Things are going smoothly in St. Louis, but conditions of the workers is not very bright just now, but we are hoping things will open up soon.

You hear people talking war, but we like to hear them talking about the conditions of

the working class so as to do something to make conditions better for the workers.

There are very few left here in St. Louis of the members as a great many of them are out in the construction gangs on the different railroads and hope they will not forget their local this summer and provide for themselves for next winter so as not to be in the same position as they were last winter.

The most of the members do not want to be get next to yourself.

What you want to do is not only talk I. B. W.A. in the winter but in the summer get the other fellow interested.

We will gain nothing by just a few that are up and doing. All get together and stick. That is the way to make anything out of your different locals, so let us all work together.

  1. BRACKETT, Secretary, Group No. 5, I. B. W. A., St. Louis, Mo.