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Kansas Needs 30,000 Harvest Workers


On Sunday, June 6, at Caldwell, Kan, the three hundred and fifty hoboes who had assenbled there, on account of the lying advertising of the capitalist press, threatened the mayor by demanding food and shelter. There is no such thing in this God-forsaken country as food and shelter for the down-and-out man looking for work.

This Christian mayor organized a committee of citizens, arming them with sawed-off shot. guns and revolvers and placed these poor migratory workers on board a Rock Island freight train, bound south, which took them out of town. door special and the mayor and his hired thugs bossing the job. This picture shows the hoboes on the side. The picture is authentic; it was sent straight to us by a member of the Brotherhood Welfare Association.

How much longer are you workers going to put up with this kind of business?