The objects of this organization are:

  1. To bring together the unorganized workers.
  2. To co-operate with persons and organizations who desire to better social conditions.
  3. To utilize unused land and machinery in order to provide work for the unemployed.
  4. To furnish medical, legal and other aid to its members.
  5. To organize the unemployed and assist them in obtaining work at remunerative wages and transportation when required.
  6. To educate the public mind to the rights of collective ownership in production and distribution.
  7. To bring about the scientific, industrial, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the masses.

In this, our Poverty number, we call attention to these aims and objects of the INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD WELFARE ASSOCIATION as culled from our Constitution. Every one of our aims and objects tends towards the abolition of poverty. In later articles we will take these schemes up ad seriatim. As a whole when consummated they would abolish poverty altogether.

For thousands of years man has been struggling with nature against awful odds to solve the problem of creating the means of human life. Food, shelter and clothing, the three prime necessities of life were an everlasting struggle. At times through hard and strenuous effort, there would be an abundance. At other times the forces of nature would be against them, and famine grim and relentless would stalk the land. No part of the world was immune. At certain intervals famine with its attendant disease and death was bound to recur.

But all this has been changed. The genius of man has overcome the forces of the earth. Everything now can be produced in abundance and thanks to steam and electricity, it can be distributed freely throughout the whole earth. Steam and electricity are our servants, it our masters.

Now, this genius of nan which has solved the problem of the needful wealth, and solved the problems of the transportation thereof, must be directed into the greater channels of fair and just distribution. We feed the starving Belgians, yet thousands die of insufficient food and shelter right here in the United States. It is the disgrace of modern civilization that anyone should go hungry in these days of plenty. The genius of mankind must now be turned toward the light of co-operation. We want work for all food for all; shelter for all; covering for all. We want it all of the best. It is here, and we must have it. Our politicians dodge the question. It is up to the workers to place this great injustice in the forefront and remedy it; in the beginning, by attaining the objects here set forth, and after, to install a perfect system of co-operation throughout the whole earth. Poverty is needless; want and suffering are a crime when the remedy is so easy. So, Comrades, you are invited to assist with all your minds and strength in the abolition of Poverty and the Right of all to a just and full and plenteous livelihood.

Note to Comrades: These main editorial articles commencing in the April number, bearing on the constitution, the aims and objects, the hopes and determinations of the Brotherhood Welfare Association will be continued monthly, and later issued in pamphlet form to be sold with the “Hobo News” as part of our general propaganda.