The objects of this organization are:

A-To bring together the unorganized workers.

B-To co-operate with persons and organ izations who desire to better social conditions.

C-To utilize unused land and machinery in order to provide work for the unemployed.

D-To furnish medical, legal and other aid to its members.

E-To organize the unemployed and assist them in obtaining work at remunerative wages and transportation when required.

F-To educate the public mind to the rights of collective ownership in production and distribution.

G-To bring about the scientific, industrial, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the masses.

To co-operate with persons and organizations who desire to better social conditions.

In this Clause of our Constitution we show freely and frankly the wide difference between the INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD WELFARE ASSOCATION and all the other organizations, religious or secular, which were founded for the purpose of bettering Social Conditions.

There are thousands of Societies, Leagues, Federations, Unions, Associations, Brotherhoods, Alliances, Councils, Churches, Missions and what not. Their name is Legion. Each with its own organization, its own school of thought, its own propaganda and all seeking proselytes from the other. Teaching, perhaps, the very principle of co-operation amongst its own members, but of intolerance by those members as a unit against the other memberships. “Each with its bundle of noisy nostrums, Torn asunder twixt Ayes and Noes.”