Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward, Christian Soldiers,

March into the War;

Slay your Christian Brothers,

As you’ve done before.

Plutocratic masters

Bid you face the foe;

Men who never harmed you,

Men you do not know.



Onward, Christian Soldiers,

Shoot your Brothers through

While your Chaplain’s praying

They do the same to you.


Raise your Christian war-whoop,

You who love the Lord,

Hearken to your masters,

Buckle on the sword.

Bomb-shells, bullets, shrapnel

Shower on the foe,

Heed your Christian Chaplain,

Into battle go.



Heed not dying groans from

Those whom you have slain;

Heed not pleas for mercy

Nor the shrieks of pain.

Plunge the sword and dagger

Through your brothers’ heart;

Never shirk your duty,

Always do your part.



Onward Christian Soldiers,

Into brutal war,

Break the hearts of mothers,

As you’ve done before.

Close your eyes to horrors

Of the bloody field,

Forward into battle, S

lay with sword and shield.



Thus you prove your love for

Him who lived for all,

And without respect to

Persons great or small,

Said to His disciples,

If My name you’d seek,

Love you one another –

Turn the other cheek.