“Oregon Boot”


St. Louis News item-J. M. Beaudoin Deputy Sheriff of Butte, Mont., arrived at police headquarter to take back to Butte J. J. Hartwell, alias Fitzpatrick, who attempted an escape by picking the lock of his cell with a tin spoon and shoestring. Hartwell is wanted for breaking jail and to answer to a charge or complicity in a series of automobile hold-ups.

Beaudoin demonstrated that he was prepared to take his prisoner back when he placed on the desk at Central Station an “Oregon  boot,” a shot with a 50-pound band of steel woven about the instep, an a pair of handcuffs of wide steel, powerful enough to hold a giant.

What a blessing it would be if some way could be devised whereby so-called criminals would be humanely treated; but when working men, who are in no fault, and “hoboes” looking for honest work are similarly treated there is very little hope for them under the system.