Philosophy of the Hobo Banker


Lucre and Liquor are both intoxicating.

There is a strike on between Gold and paper currency.

The Mexicans are studying the financial problem.

Wars are financed on a gold basis. War is the harvest time of gold possessors.

Capitalists are financing war on both sides of the war line.

To print money does not create wealth.

The inert matter, gold, has become so powerful that it controls life itself.

The industrial Samson is intrenched in a mass of gold.

The war microbe is concealed in paper currency. Bankers discovered it with their spyglasses.

Can you imagine a king without gold?

The monetary system, created in remote ages, conflicts with the present mode of production and exchange.

The wealth of King Croesus did not consist of paper titles.

The paramount issue of capitalists in peace, as well as in war-time, to possess a pile of gold.

Regardless of world improvements in production, we adhere to the antiquated measure of all values-GOLD.

“Let us control money and we care not who makes the laws,” say the financiers of Europe.

Wheat, the sinew of war.

Wheat the basis of life.