There is no excuse for Poverty in these the latter days. How can you excuse poverty in a land that produced 1,000 millions of bushels of wheat, 1,200 millions of bushels of oats, 3,000 million bushels of corn to feed 90,000,000 of people?

The problem of production has been solved and we have everything in abundance. Yet the poor starve and are in misery. Why?

This paper is only a baby. We circulated 6,700 copies of the June number. Read our letters to the Editor and see what people think about it. Figure out how far it will go, if it keep on its way, as it will fighting the battles of the Unskilled, Unemployed and Migratory Workers. The end is not in sight. We are out to win. But we need subscribers. If you do not like this paper give it to someone else who has more sense. But if you do like the paper and believe that it is going to fulfill its mission and break up the breadlines, send us in a subscription and get your friends to do the same. We need subscriptions, Comrades, so we ask you to get busy.