Poor Mike was hot and weary. He had walked many miles. He was also hungry. So he hit up a back door. A sour-faced woman appeared. The following colloquy ensued:

“Av ye place, mum, would ye give a pore, feller a piece of bread.”

“Well, I do not believe in feeding tramps, but I’m a Christian woman, and if a piece of bread is all you want, I’ll give it to you.”

So she gave Mike a chunk of dry bread.

Mike looked at it and turned it over in his hand. Then he said, “So you are a Christian woman?”

“Yes,”she snapped, “and I did not give you that bread for your sake, I gave it for

God’s sake.”

“And do ye believe in Christ, too?” asked Mike. “Of course, I do,” said the woman.

“And do ye believe that Christ was a poor man like meself and often he was tired and hungry, goin’ around the country like me?”

“Yes, I believe that, too,” answered the woman.

“Then, mum,” said Mike, “if ye are a Christian woman and ye give me this bread for God’s sake, plaze put some butter on it for Christ’s sake.”