Running the Government


They call us Socialists because we believe the people should own this country and run all the industries. This is the first time the word Socialist has appeared in this paper. Never mind. It will come in again very much later.

Now, of course, the Socialists want to handle the whole United States Government. Well and good. But you see the job is rather complicated. We do not like red tape and God knows the U.S. Government is as full of it as the Circumlocution office. We tried to get for one of Uncle Sam’s soldiers some back pay. And the end is not yet. And that was six months ago.

But somewhere in the Good Book it says, Physician, Heal Thyself.’ And that Book always makes us think of things.

This is the way we are running the Brotherhood Welfare Association. Dr. How wrote to Miss Lane and requested her to inform Mrs. Smith that it would be advisable to instruct Dr. Evans to see Brother Irwin to the end that he might find Mr. White and have him fix that trapeze in the Gymnasium before some kid broke his darned neck!