The Harvest


By Henry A. White, St. Louis.

By the time you get this paper the harvest in Texas and the Southwest will be well under way, and the Hoboes will be hiking West. A news item in the papers, about ten days ago, said that the big farmers expected to be short of help and much grain is liable to stand and rot.

They claim to need eitghteen thousand men; but this is bunk.

Do you remember what they did to the hoboes last year and the year before?

They got them on the ground, under false pretenses, and then gave them–“Eleven twentynine.” Don’t move a foot until you are sure of a job, Boys, it is better to let the grain rot as it stands than to get left. You are mighty fine men during the three months of harvest, but the other nine months you are nothing but “barrell-house bums.”

You manage to pull through nine months in the year, virtually on the hog and the hardest months at that.

Don’t you think you can “lay out” the other three months also and teach Capitalism a lesson? Or would you rather take the chance of having a long-whiskered, tin-badged constable gather you in at a dollar a throw Keep your eyes and ears open.