The Latest in Society


We had a great deal of trouble about that water wagon. She sprung a leak. This is how it happened: All the Notables – Shorty, King George, Kitchener and the rest of them – were all out for a ride, and Mush Fakir was driving, with the Gay-Cat as helper. Well, they ran into the dog catcher’s automobile and spilled things. Mush and Gay were pitched out head foremost into a bunch of dogs and there was an awful howl. But King George was sitting on Kitchener’s lap, so he was safe. So was Shorty, who was pinned down under a fat suffragette. That saved him. Poor Mush and Gay were taken to the pound and have not reported since. Only the dogs got wet.

We are sorry to report that there was a lot of noise and trouble at Mrs. Clancy’s reception in Kerry Patch last night. Some hobo threw his overalls in Mrs. Clancy’s chowder. The police are busy on the case.

Dr. James Eads how is going to buy a new hat for the summer, if he can find the price.

The wolf and the stork seem to travel in the same social set.

A hog has a hogshead full of brains. What about it, you Mutts?

We are getting quite a bunch of pictures from the boys and some of them are Jim-dandies. Hurry up, boys, and get your pictures into the editor’s rogues gallery. We want to have a look at you and find out just who is reading this paper.

Brothers of Quirke, of Philadelphia, and Fenton, of Kansas City, have been staying with us all the week. They Expect to hit the limited freight shortly.