The Latest in Society


There is nothing but good news from the Water Wagon. You will remember that the old one sprung a leak. So we started the new one that just arrived from Petrograd, You will remember we wirelessed for it. Well, a filer a lot of trouble, we got the Mush Fakir and the Gay Cat out of the Dog Pound. Of course, this was difficult, because they did not have a license.

Anyway, they have promised to be good and they are now driving around. Some wagon, boys; you ought to get aboard and see the fun. Shorty is still comfortable. But the King and Lord Kitchener, although they are holding on tight, seem to be rather nervous, because Billy Bryan has stopped drinking grape juice on account of our article on new wine in old bottles.’ Now, Bryan is going to be allowed to stay aboard as long as he is good, but we do not want him to scare the Kings and Generals and Suffragettes and the rest of them. We are going to have some ride this time. Somebody announced Champ Clark, but he was too late for this ride. The Cat and the Fakir have got particular instructions from the Czar to keep of the railroad tracks, as we do not want any trouble on this trip.