The Latest in Society


The Society Editor, in the April number, asked the boys to send in their pictures. They are not coming in very fast, because we have not yet had time to circulate extensively. Do not forget, boys, to get your pictures in to the Society Editor. The blanket stiff on the first page is all right, but we were rather surprised at Meandering Mike looking so happy. So we are headlining him in Miss Fluffy’s column. She might fall in love with those sweet features. It is surprising how susceptible those Editresses are when mainly pulchritude is at the top of the column.

It was with great fear and misgiving that the Society Editor undertook this job. Fancy society in a Hobo paper. But you never can toll. We have scored the biggest hit that was ever made in American journalism throughout the whole varied history. You will remember we announced that we were having the Water-wagon painted red and that Shorty Smith was going to get aboard first day, Well, say, things happened. The news spread fast. These are the days of wires, wireless and wonders. The paint was no sooner dry, and Shorty comfortably seated, when King George blew in and sat right opposite Shorty. The Editor heard his alarmed gurgles and got aboard to see what was the matter. Then Lord up to take care of the King. But Shorty needn’t have been so skeered. There ain’t so much difference between hoboes and kings as you might think. If you mixed half a dozen of them up together in a bath, it would be a devil of a hard job to tell which was which. Anyway that started the rush, Kings and Knifegrinders, parsons and pirates, generals and ginmill keepers, suffragettes and soldiers.

We immediately wirelessed Petrograd for a new wagon. Come on in, boys, the water is fine. And note this, if you want to get into the real high society, keep track of the Hobo News.

Mrs. Kitty Solomon is going on the road for the summer. She will live in a tent somewhere, in the Jungles. Kitty ain’t a bit skeered that the bumblebees will bite her. She will sing with the shovel-stiffs, waltz with the gandy dancers, lunch with the lumber-jacks and otherwise comport herself as the ‘Queen of the Jungles’ should. Gay cats should beware. They might get scratched. Kitty has promised the editor to have her picture taken especially for this column. Keep your eye on it.