War and the Wage Slaves


By George Fenton.

The master class is at their same old game, that is, when there are too many wage slaves out of a job and the number of the jobless gets too big and the master class will try in some way to cut down the number of the jobless.

At first the master class will get the police to club up or even use the police to shoot down the jobless when they get too big in numbers in any one place.

But when the unemployed get too big to be clubbed up or shot down by the police the master class try the only way, and that way is to get in war with some other country, and I am sorry to say that it always works.

The master class will do all they can to make the wage slave think that he has a fight against his Brothers in some other country, and, of course, the Brothers of one country will murder the Brothers of some other country.

This is the sad fact that Brothers of one – in hurt will murder their Brothers of some other country at the will of their master.

Wouldn’t it be a fine thing if the Brothers would make up their minds that when there came a war that they had no fight with their Brothers in some other country, and if the master class wants war let the master class do the fighting.

How long would you think a war of that kind would last It would be safe to say that it would be a very short war, in fact, there would not be any war at all.

Now Brothers, don’t you think it is time for you to put a stop to this war? You are the only ones that can do it, and the way is easy. All you have got to do is to make up your minds that you will not murder your Brothers in some other country that never did you any harm, and shake hands with your Brothers across the sea.

You, the wage slaves, do not make the wars. It is the class that lives off your back that makes these wars, and they take good care that they will not do the fighting.

The master class will tell you when they want you to do their fighting that you are fighting for your country, when the matter of fact is you don’t own a foot of ground in the whole, country.

How much of the country do you own when there is no war?

You go from East to West and North and South looking for a job, and when you get one, what kind of a job is it?

You soon find that you have got to work like a slave, and before long you are broken down, and you are on the road looking for a master again; and the wage slave keeps this the same old thing, if he ever will get a chance to live like a man should live.

Did you have any country to fight for last winter when the snow was two feet deep, and you did not have a place to lay your head, and the police run you out of towns and cities out on the byway to die, for all they cared?

Did the master class tell you, Mister wage slaves, that you had a country then? No, they did not; they soon gave you to understand that the country belonged to the master class, and you had no country.

Well and good, if we have no country when there is no war why should we do the fighting for something we have not got; let the other fellow that has got a country do the fighting

and we will stay at home and take care of our wives and children.

Now Brothers, it is time that you were get. ting organized and put a stop to these wars. You can do it by getting to an organization that stands for the Brotherhood of Man and that is the INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD WELFARE ASSOCIATION, and get subscriptions for the Hobo News, the only paper for the unemployed in this country that takes the side of the down and out, and puts the facts in regard to the unemployed before the world.